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 Rules. You must read this. I am sorry.

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PostSubject: Rules. You must read this. I am sorry.   Fri Aug 28, 2009 3:24 am

1. Post in the introduction thread as soon as you register.
-We all like knowing who we're talking to.
2. Respect EVERYONE.
-The main issue with the predecessor of DDoS was that everyone was constantly jumping on each other’s backs. The founder was being abusive of his powers and thought the rules of respect did not apply to him. Or that he got more liberties because he DID create the clan (along with my help) and got the forums running. While yes, us admins and founders get more liberties then you guys and do deserve respect, so do your clan-mates. So there is to be MINIMAL arguing in here. I go to college. I hear enough bitching there to satisfy my need for conflict for years. If you have an issue with a player please bring it to Kotton or My attention and we will help you take care of the issue. I understand sometimes you want to fend for yourself so for that reason, keep it off the forums and take it to PM.
3. Do not beg us for admin.
-Admin is a position that is EARNED. Even so, Kotton and I know what we're doing and can hold our ground on our own until it happens.
4. Admin's decision is the final word.
-Do not bother arguing with us. Unless you CALMLY explain your views on the situation and why they should change, you will not get your way. We aren't going to run this so you fear us, but we are going to run this the way we see proper and fair. We will not cave into countless exclamation points and angry face emoticons. Sorry.
5. NEVER Rage quit.
-I do not care how bad we are losing. We can't be another one of those whiny clans that expect everything to be a cakewalk. We are going to lose. I can promise that. But we can also win if we stick around through the rough stuff and learn what we're doing wrong.
6. Do NOT accuse other clans of hacking in clan wars.
-Even if it looks like they are, keep it in teamspeak and keep it calm or keep it to yourself and discuss it with us later. We ALL hate being accused of hacking. Yes that's right. Even I get accused of hacking. Is it patheitc? or what?
7. If you go into a clan war please either make a fraps or a screen capture of the final score board.
-We will make a thread for this reason solely. Unlike NCIS we are not asking you to ask us for permission to go into clan war and set up an exact date and time. If there are enough of you in game and you all are up to it, go for it. But please follow our one simple rule.
We're not asking much.
8. Please don't spam the boards.
-If you feel the need to spam, please make a topic labeled "spam" so we know to steer clear if we're not in the mood.
9. Be active!
-At least be active in the forums. I understand not being able to be in game often, but the forums aren't time consuming so there's no excuse.
10. No drugs
-If you do drugs of any kind keep them off the forums and out of game we do not need people that stupid.
That's all we have for now!

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Rules. You must read this. I am sorry.
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